Bubble Blaster

Bubble Blaster is a game where you have to blast bubbles of the same identical color next to one another. The goal is to get at least three bubbles matched up before they get popped. There are two modes to do in Bubble Blaster. The first mode is called "Marathon" mode, which the goal is to try pop all the bubbles, however, as time goes on, more bubbles appear to make it harder. The second mode is called "Puzzle" mode. This mode does not add bubbles but it starts out with the same bubble formation for each round. As the rounds go on, the top comes crashing down so you have to try to blast as many bubbles as you can. This game can get tricky though. Do not get fooled by diagonal openings because you can not blast any bubble through. Also, a nice trick is to try and bounce the bubbles off the walls. It will open up some opportunites for a more effiecient Bubble Blaster experiance. Bubble Blaster is a very fun game to play.

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